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After more than 40 years of helping mothers and babies,
Pat has RETIRED and is referring to Brooke Simmons, BA, IBCLC, ALC, CLC - 407-221-4475
(Brooke did a six month internship with Pat and has sat for the IBCLC exam in October 2016)
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with more than 30 years of experience helping mothers and babies to  breastfeed.
Pat combines experience, research, and compassion to every family whose life she touches. Pat is also exceptionally knowledgeable in counseling parents on infant development, nutritional needs of the child under three, and postpartum care of the new mother.

Pat's lactation services include lactation visits to help with breastfeeding difficulties or concerns. While the making of breastmilk is natural following the birth of a baby, the act of breastfeeding is a learned skill for both the mother and the baby.  Often times in today's society, moms are confused by all the conflicting advice they get about breastfeeding. The reason there is so much conflicting advice is because there are so many different types of moms, babies, and breasts.  There should be no "one size fits all" solution for breastfeeding difficulties because each breastfeeding couple is unique.

Many moms read breastfeeding and child care books or take a breastfeeding class and still find themselves unprepared to have a satisfying and successful breastfeeding experience. A visit with an experienced board certified lactation consultant* may help make the difference between a frustrating breastfeeding experience and an enjoyable, successful experience.  An office visit with Pat includes an assessment of the baby's oral motor, an assessment of the mother's anatomy, a breastfeeding session to evaluate effectiveness of the feeding (test weights are done to determine actual intake from feedings), and improvements in positioning and latch-on techniques are taught. Valuable information about breastfeeding, newborn behavior and tips on how to read baby's body language are also included in an office visit. Pat's goal is to enable the mother to more effectively feed her baby at the breast with greater comfort and confidence.  Pat teaches mothers and fathers how to better understand their baby's needs and how the baby communicates those needs in an effort to help parents have a more enhanced parenting experience.  

Breastfeeding should be an enjoyable experience for both the mother and the baby.  The first objective is always to have a well-fed baby; however, breastfeeding can and should be more than just feeding the baby.  It should be an enjoyable nurturing relationship in which the mother and baby feel comfortable, relaxed, and nurtured.  It is a relationship that reaches deep into the heart and creates a deep bond of love and trust, which nurtures the spirit of the child as well as the child's body.

Quote from Dr. Herbert Ratner, "Love is the cement of society and the prime function of the family is to raise children who know how to receive love -- who know how to give love, who develop the kind of self-respect and love for themselves they must have if they are going to love anybody else. We have to do everything possible to give the newborn infant a sense of worth. The function of the family is to turn the newborn individual into an adult who is emotionally secure and capable of loving because love is what keeps us together."

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different types of lactation support.

October 26, 2013-

Pat is humbled to be presented the 2013 Perinatal Platinum Leadership Award in Lactation Consultant Category for her leadership and commitmemt to women and their families. It's such an honor to be shown recognition by Jennie Joseph, LM, CPM of Commonsense Childbirth and The Birth Place. Jennie Joseph is a very special servant of the Lord whose love, time and efforts seem endless in her pursue for all pregnant women to have excellent prenatal care to ensure healthy mothers and babies.

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