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Know the Difference in Lactation Helpers and why IBCLC is the GOLD STANDARD in Lactation Help

Pat's TOP Recommendation for Lactation Consultant HELP in the Orlando Area

Brooke Simmons, BA, ALC, CLC - 407-221-4475 (Brooke did a six month internship with Pat and has sat for the IBCLC exam in October)

Winnie Palmer Breastfeeding Education Center - 321-843-2229

Florida Hospital South, Rollins - 407-303-7650

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"Love is the cement of society and the prime function of the family is to raise children who know how to receive love --
who know how to give love, who develop the kind of self-respect
and love for themselves they must have if they are going to love anybody else.
We have to do everything possible to give the newborn infant a sense of worth.  
The function of the family is to turn the newborn individual into an adult who is emotionally secure
and capable of loving because love is what keeps us together."
Quote from Herbert Ratner, M.D.

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